Willie Watson Comes Home: The NDP Interview

Photo by Sarah Meyers

Photo by Sarah Meyers


On his debut solo release, Folk Singer Vol. 1, Willie Watson serves up a set of traditional folk songs, recorded in just two sessions with producer David Rawlings. 

Watson is best known as a founder of Old Crow Medicine Show, whose records Rawlings also produced in a similar fashion. With the band, Watson helped revitalize pre-war string band, jug band and old time music for a new generation. He left Old Crow in 2011 to pursue solo work and tour with Rawlings and partner Gillian Welch. 

NDP sat down with Willie just before he played the Button Factory in Dublin. We talked about his musical education in Ithica, NY, his kinship with Rawlings and Welch, and how a cruise to the Bahamas isn't always what it's reported to be. 



Produced and presented by Jonathan Creasy.

Willie Watson's debut solo album, Folk Singer Vol. 1, is out now and available for purchase from his website, where you can also check out his upcoming tour dates: