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New Dublin Press

New words // New music // New Dublin

We are one.
Whenever I say “I”, I mean also, “you.”
And so together, as one, we shall begin.
— William Carlos Williams


New Dublin Press is an independent publisher, media production house, and performance organiser committed to innovative work across disciplines. We work with artists, authors, poets, scholars, musicians and composers from various countries and formal approaches, encouraging a lively space for arts education and practice in Dublin - and beyond.

We are particularly interested in publishing essays, interviews and poetry, and we encourage experimentation with form and content. Visual art, music and other audio materials are also welcome. NDP publishes in print and online.

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We work with poets, authors, musicians, composers and educators from Dublin and around the world, bringing quality arts programming to Irish audiences. Our ongoing initiative, the Performing Poetry Project, is in its fourth year. Keep up to date and don't miss opportunities for the best literary and musical work in Dublin. NDP also aims to bring our work overseas, presenting readings, performances, exhibitions and lectures around the world.




PANDAEMONIUM is a curated selection of some of the works we've published.

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For all enquiries, please email editor@newdublinpress.org or use the contact form above.